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"Specialization allows us to deliver better; risk management strategies, insurance products, access to relevant information, customer service, market access, claims advocacy and of course...prices."


CRA goes beyond insurance placement to provide communities with a comprehensive strategy for managing risk and all the resources needed to execute. 

CRA is dedicated entirely to the multi-family real estate industry. As a client of ours, you can rest assured knowing that your community is well protected.

Placing coverage through CRA provides the association board with the additional assurances provided by working with a Condo/Community Association Insurance specialist. 

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The Risk Management Process

General Agencies offer general insurance products to an endless variety of consumers.


Many of whom are not getting the best products for their specific needs. They are being offered the solutions that one particular agency has available.  This broad client base results in a very shallow scope of capabilities and knowledge. You wouldn't want a physician performing your brain surgery, why entrust a general agent with your Master Condo or Community insurance? 

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Luxury Modular Homes


We prioritize risk management, loss control, disaster planning, consumer education & insurance coverage. Insurance Premiums should be a direct reflection of our efforts  to minimize risk and reduce loss costs.

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"Insurance Premiums are ideally a reflection of our risk tolerance as well as the efforts made to manage risk and reduce the total cost of risk."

Our mission is to represent our clients best interests at the policyholder and collective level. An entirely new concept. A Community Mutual Insurance Company. Won't you join us?

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